Navigating Utah’s huge, expansive landscape transforms every mile into a discovery, making the journey feel swift and filled with wonder. In a world that often feels small and hurried by rapid transit and flights, Utah seems endless in comparison. With its scenic byways opening up a realm where horizons stretch on forever, offering a sense of grandeur and vastness that lots of drivers crave.

Utah boasts 28 designated scenic byways, weaving through its unique landscape to create hundreds of miles of unforgettable travel experiences. These routes are more than just paths to destinations; they are adventures packed with hiking trails, panoramic views, historical sites, local delicacies, and welcoming communities. Here, every road trip becomes a memorable exploration, inviting travelers to pause, explore, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty and cultural richness found along the way. Whether settling in for the night or connecting with nature in an RV, Utah’s scenic byways are gateways to experiences that resonate long after the journey ends.

Huntington and Eccles Canyons National Scenic Byway

The Energy Loop, along Huntington and Eccles Canyons National Scenic Byway guides you across the Wasatch Plateau. Here, you’re treated to a full-circle high-alpine experience, with vistas spanning from Mount Nebo in the north to the San Rafael Swell in the east. Fall brings a striking contrast with fields of yellow aspens against dark green conifers. Highlights include the breathtaking Wedge Overlook of the San Rafael Swell, known as the Little Grand Canyon, along with Huntington Reservoir, the Mammoth Discovery Site from 1988, Stuart Guard Station, Electric Lake, and the renowned Arapeen OHV trail.

Scenic Byway 12

Embark on 122 miles of unparalleled driving joy along Utah’s Scenic Byway 12, known as the “A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway,” and revel in a route honored as an All-American Road. This prestigious title is reserved for only a third of America’s scenic byways, awarded for their unparalleled features that transform these roads into destinations in their own right. The All-American Road: Scenic Byway 12 stretches from U.S. 89 near Panguitch in the west to S.R. 24 near Torrey in the northeast. While not the fastest connection between these points, it’s undeniably the most spectacular. As travelers set out, their intended destinations soon yield to the marvels of the journey, especially as they ascend into the Dixie National Forest from Torrey.

Pausing at a scenic overlook around 9,000 feet high offers a sweeping vista that puts everything into perspective. The expansive view encompasses distant terrains, including the Henry Mountains, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Capitol Reef National Park’s glowing red rocks, all framed by the contrasting greens of subalpine fir and aspen.

Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway

Traveling 41 miles north and east from Logan to the Utah/Idaho border along U.S. 89, you’ll find yourself on a National Scenic Byway that offers the most picturesque journey from Northern Utah to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone in Wyoming. This route closely follows the meandering Logan River from Logan to Garden City, cutting through stunning landscapes framed by rugged limestone cliffs. The journey reaches its zenith with a breathtaking view over the turquoise expanse of Bear Lake, before gently descending the mountain towards the Idaho border.

Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway

The Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway is one of Utah’s premier high-elevation paved routes along the Wasatch Front, offering breathtaking views of the Utah and Nephi Valleys beneath the towering Mount Nebo, the highest peak in the Wasatch Range at 11,928 feet.

From atop Mount Nebo, expansive views stretch across Central Utah into the Utah Valley. The Nebo Loop is a spectacle of nature in the summer, adorned with high-altitude hikes, refreshing lakes, and cascading waterfalls, and it dazzles even more in autumn’s vibrant hues. The road traverses a varied landscape of deciduous and evergreen forests, revealing unexpected sights like the Devil’s Kitchen Geologic Site’s orange hoodoos and offering endless opportunities for dispersed camping near streams, lakes, and meadows teeming with wildlife. Ascending from the valley, the route winds through scrub oak, maples, quaking aspens, and dense conifer forests, covering a total distance of 38 miles before gently descending to the other side.

Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway

Just beyond Moab and Arches National Park, the Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway offers a journey through time, weaving through the Four Corners area’s rich Ancestral Puebloan heritage. As you traverse this route, you’ll encounter remnants of ancient cultures that once thrived in the stark beauty of the Canyonlands, including awe-inspiring cliff dwellings. Discover the history of the Ancestral Puebloans at the Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum in Blanding, and wander through the captivating ruins at Hovenweep National Monument. Drive amidst the iconic formations of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and explore the mystical Valley of the Gods. Make time for the secluded grandeur of Natural Bridges National Monument.

Consider rounding off your adventure with a return trip via the Bicentennial Highway Scenic Byway to Hanksville, where the landscapes of red rock and serene desert vistas unfold.

Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

Just under two hours from Salt Lake City, the Mirror Lake Highway offers a 42-mile scenic journey along state Route 150, celebrated as one of Utah’s most beloved mountain drives. Starting in Kamas, Utah, it climbs into the heart of the Uinta Mountains, reaching its zenith at Bald Mountain Pass at 10,715 feet, before winding down past landmarks like Hayden Peak, Kletting Peak, and Holiday Park Peak, eventually stretching to the Wyoming border. The route is dotted with numerous overlooks, picnic spots, waterfalls, lakes, trails, and campgrounds, providing ample opportunities for exploration and relaxation. Notably, the Uinta Mountains stand out as one of the few ranges in North America extending east to west, offering a unique landscape orientation.

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